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The Pamesa project features the Alya Executive, Nuez, Capri Lounge, Raglan, Capri Executive, Dado, Nuez, Gala, Siesta collections.

Pamesa projectPamesa project

Leading E-Commerce Company

The Leading E-Commerce Company project features: Gala, Alya and Reverse collections.


The Amazon project features the Alya collection.

Amazon projectAmazon project

Coworking, Ruzafa

The Coworking, Ruzafa project features the Flex Chair, Next Lounge, Rap, Reverse Occasional, Extra Table, Dado, Smart, Flex High Back and Next collections.

Coworking, Ruzafa projectCoworking, Ruzafa project

Bartlit Beck Offices

The Bartlit Beck Offices project features: Flex Chair, Anna, Flex Executive, Carlotta, Reverse Conference and Reverse collections.

Confidential Offices

The Confidential Offices project features: Nuez and Flex High Back collections.

Gran Melia Villa Le Blanc

The Gran Melia Villa Le Blanc project features the Adela Rex collection.

Gran Melia Villa Le BlancGran Melia Villa Le Blanc

AC Hotel Tampa Airport

The AC Hotel Tampa Airport project features: Raglan, Flex Corporate and Brandy collections.

Rove Restaurant

The Royal Opera House Covent Garden features the collection Smart.

Rove RestaurantRove Restaurant

Sake Restaurant

The Sake Restaurant project features Smile collection.

Union Investment

The Union Investment project features the Landscape Alu, Trenza, Plaza, RDL and Closed  collections.


Union InvestmentUnion Investment

Mediterranean Office, Outdoor space

The Kelley Kronenberg Offices project features Flex Chair Outdoor collection.

Mediterranean Office, Outdoor spaceMediterranean Office, Outdoor space

State Library Victoria 

The American International University project features Moody, Quattro, Sail, Closed Table,Beat, Raglan and Flex High Back collections.

State Library Victoria ProjectState Library Victoria Project

Kaiser Permanente Bernard J.Tyson School

The Kaiser Permanente Bernard J.Tyson School project features the Ronda collection.

Kaiser Permanente Bernard J.Tyson School ProjectKaiser Permanente Bernard J.Tyson School Project

Duplex in Turniskes

The Duplex in Turniskes project features: Smile, Lineal Corporate and Flex Executive collections.

Olive House

The Residence project features Nuez and Smile collections.


The Porcelanosa project features the Alya, Alya Executive, Dado, Brandy and Reverse collection.

Porcelanosa ProjectPorcelanosa Project

The Northface showroom

The Northface showroom project features the Lineal Comfort collection.

The Northface showroom projectThe Northface showroom project

HEN House

The HEN House project features: Trenza and Nuez collections.

HC Residence

The Private Apartment project features Gala collection.

HC Residence projectHC Residence project


The Teoxane project features the Sail, Capri Lounge, Tauro, Quattro, Extra Table and Flex Corporate collections.


Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center project features: Nub,Ronda, Alya and Manila collections.

Banco Raiffeisen Olten

The Banco Raiffeisen Olten project features: Flex Corporate and Alya collections.

Banco Mercantil

The Banco Mercantil project features: Raglan, Alya, Flex Executive and Element collections.

Wanda Metropolitano Stadium

The Wanda Metropolitano Stadium project features: Flex Chair , Beat , Brandy , Manfred , Lineal Corporate y Dual Occasional collections.

Minnesota Vikings Stadium

The "U.S. Bank Stadium" project features the collections Flex Chair</Strong>, Brandy and Manila.


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