About Us

Andreu World has grown and evolved convinced that our philosophy – attention to detail, excellence and good design – is the fundamental guide to continue being who we are now and in the future.


We are experts in the manufacture of seating and tables, we work

to create innovative and sustainable designs in collaboration with

the best designers, with the commitment to create a positive impact

on the planet



To create great designs to provide inspiration and innovation

to all architects and interior designers around the world. We also strive

to be a world leader in seating and tables made with passion

for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.


We are a company with international recognition,

leaders in good design and the development of

seats and tables with high added value, enabling people

to enjoy the spaces they inhabit in a smart and healthy way.

Principles and values

Passion for Design

Tradition and Craft

Integrity and Ethics

Closeness and Trust



Attention to Detail

Leadership and Initiative

Customer Service and Respect

Sustainability and a positive impact on the planet

A lifestlyle

Wood is in our roots, and not only as a unique, warm and noble material;

wood is also a working attitude, a relationship with the world.

As we have evolved over time, we have sought to maintain the warmth

that comes from working with wood in all our designs, regardless of the

materials and technology we use.

For more than 65 years we have evolved in tune with the times, to offer the

practical and esthetic solutions demanded by people all over the world. 

We have achieved this through a flexible yet firm attitude.

"Wood, in our work,

is synonymous with the

woodworker, we have retained

the same expert hands

that have learned their craft

over years of experience"

The value of time

We are a family business and therefore we maintain a very special relationship with time.

We are aware of the tradition we have built and thanks to that tradition.

We have a unique perspective of our work.


So we think in the long term and are faithful to the idea that to build the

future we need to keep the past alive.

Family and tradition are concepts that remain alive in day to day operations

through personal relationships with all workers who, in many cases, have been

part of our family generation after generation.  

The search for


Each design examines all of its possibilities, constantly pushing

us to improve comfort, finish and function. It is this active process  with

each of our products that allows for the intelligent use of our resources.

Through a continuous investment in advanced technology and

infrastructure, as well as in the training of our team, we maintain and

improve our processes. This in the only way we can only maintain our

passion for well-made products.

"We depend on our resources

to inform our entire working method,

from obtaining the raw materials

all the way through to finishing"

"The wood comes from our

forests, which are controlled

through a stewardship protocol

that includes planting, felling,

drying and all phases of


The key is the details

Precision and quality are one and the same, accordingly we refine to the

maximum all and every one of the processes, from the origin of the materials

to the production system and manufacturing of each piece. We minimize

errors through systematic quality control and offer a 10-year warranty for all of

our products against defects in workmanship and materials.

The wood used in our products comes from our forests, of which are

cultivated in accordance to quality protocols including planting, harvesting,

drying –the wood is dried for more than a year after the harvest to prevent

the wood from cracking in the future - and all phases of handling.

This process has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)

and guarantees that the wood originates from reforested and controlled


The expression

of the search

We like working with designers.  It’s a way to communicate our values

through the unique perspective of each collaborator. If one thing defines

our evolution, it’s our commitment to design. This commitment has translated

to numerous national and international awards such as Red Dot Design Award,

Best of NeoCon, Wallpaper Awards, ADI Index, HiP Awards, German Design Awards,

Good Design Australia, The Office Dubai y el Premio Nacional de Diseño.

Additionally, for the past 15 years we have held an annual international design

competition geared towards young designers. It’s our way of investing in the talent

that will build the future.

The pleasure of the 'al fresco' life

We belong to a culture lighted by the Mediterranean sun and are connected to the sea and nature. It is because of this that we feel that we could offer

our interpretation of the pleasure of the al fresco life. Outdoor includes distinct collections of seating, tables and sofas especially

designed for exterior use in residential or contract applications. These pieces are constructed from new materials and

treatments that are weather resistant and require minimal maintenance.  

One with nature

It is impossible to evolve without accepting a commitment to the

environment. We not only try to optimize resources, we seek to reduce

our environmental footprint in all aspects of the production process. 

We have implemented strict policies for energy efficiency, waste recycling

and research into new more sustainable materials. Our legacy goes beyond

the material, a well-made product, is intimately connected to nature.

“We use wood from

managed forests and

reforested in accordance

to the FSC® (Forest

Stewardship Council)


“Research, technology,

innovation and design

are the basic pillars of our

industrial culture”.

Innovation, technology

and design

Our products are the result of the clear commitment to innovation

and application of I+D+i at all stages of manufacturing, which has

resulted in the creation of innovative, resistant materials and versatile

collections that serve both indoors and outdoors environments.

Working on the basis of creativity, versatility, ergonomics and comfort,

we develop new products that anticipate trends in contemporary

furniture design.

A passionate alliance

Wood treated as plywood permits us to curve it without losing its

characteristics and attain very fine, highly resistant boards and seamless joins.

Technology doesn’t just help us to develop new forms, it also enables us

to investigate and evolve without betraying the uniqueness of the material.

Behind this evolution is a curiosity to explore the limits of wood as a material

and the security that comes with harmonizing traditional methods with new

technological processes. We unite best of a remarkable history with the constant

search for excellence.

“Wood and technology form

a passionate alliance when they

are employed in innovative ways.

Technology grants us the ability

to increase the potential of wood

from a structural and esthetic point

of view”.

Leading sustainability

Those of us who live in the Mediterranean are optimistic by nature, and

some of us know, from many years of practice, that we can live in balance

with the environment.

Andreu World has been placing sustainability at the heart of its activities

since its inception, working to preserve the biodiversity of the regions in

which it operates, reducing the amount of waste it produces and acting

in a transparent manner by means of production processes that do not

exploit the planet or its people.

Our approach points to a future where design and sustainable development

can become common practice.

We have undertaken to lead sustainability in our sector and by 2030,

all Andreu World designs will be in circular economy.

To achieve this, we are committed to R&D&I, developing our own materials

and fabrics, which are a current reality and are available in our collections:

100% recycled ECOPure® plastics, a novel polymer of natural origin,

which is used in the Nuez Lounge BIO® armchair designed by Patricia Urquiola,

and the Circular ONE® fabric obtained from yarn made from plastics from PET

bottles and textile waste.

“Sustainability is a word we all

use but it is empty if we don't put

it into action”.

"We create universal, sustainable

and democratic designs for the well-being of people,

working and collaborating daily with

architects and designers"

Always with you

We truly value the experience of the people who choose our furniture for their home or home office as well as for offices,

workspaces, restaurants, hotels, universities, airports, hospitals, where our collections can be found

in more than 124 countries.

All of the above allows us to offer sustainable furnishing solutions that meet the needs and uses

of all types of spaces, in a healthy, timeless and long-lasting way.