Piergiorgio Cazzaniga

Stackable armchair with Eco thermo-polymer shell available in severalcolors or Pure Eco thermo-polymer (100% recycled) available insand color and a steel sled base finished in polished chrome, white orblack. The upholstered version includes a stacking protector.Available options: Upholstered seat pad, upholstered shell pad, fullyupholstered shell, parallel stitching upholstery and upholstered arms.Fire retardant version available, for further information contact ourSales Department.

10 units stackable

15 units stackable with trolley

Measures Backrest height Seat height Arm height Width Depth Weight Carriage Measure Floor Measure
mm 770 455 670 645 500 9 15 10
inches 30.31 17.91 26.38 25.39 19.69 0.39 0.59 0.39

0.32 m3 9.8 kg