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Circular Design® Challenge


The climate emergency is a major challenge that requires a new industrial revolution in the way we design, manufacture and distribute globally. A challenge that we must face collectively.




What is the Circular Design® Challenge?


It is a call to action to the entire industry under the slogan Manufacturing a Better World. This challenge seeks to address the urgent need for a new vision in design, manufacturing and distribution that is more sustainable on a global scale.


The Circular Design® Challenge is a call to adopt practices such as ecodesign, zero waste management and carbon neutral footprint, selection of sustainable materials and adherence to certifications such as B Corp, Level 3, Cradle to Cradle and Greenhealth Approved. They are oriented not only towards the environment, but also towards people's well-being and health, as well as the full integration of circularity principles. At the same time, the challenge seeks to inspire the adoption of greener approaches in industry and to encourage innovation and progress towards a positive impact on the planet.


Join us and share your accomplishments: #circulardesignchallenge2030


You can download the logo for your communications, by clicking this link.


It's your responsibility. Everything we say or do has to be verifiable in a transparent way.










Why did we launch this challenge?


One company alone is not sufficient for the scale of the change we are facing, and we need both society and our environment, including all suppliers as well as competitors.


In order to make a real and positive impact on the planet, we need to openly share our progress in circular design and sustainability, because this is the fastest way to move towards a circular economy that is the responsibility of us all. We know that it goes against nature, because companies protect innovations like gold.

Manufacturing a Better World


We are putting all our company's present and future efforts into making the planet we inhabit more sustainable and healthier. We are backed up by the work we have done and the achievements we have made so far. But they are not enough in the face of the climate emergency we are facing. It is a major challenge that requires a new industrial revolution in the way we design, manufacture and distribute globally. A challenge that must necessarily be faced collectively by the entire sector, with the support of suppliers and hand in hand with competitors. Far from greenwashing and ecological posturing. A real change will only be possible if there is a common attitude, which also includes joining interests and sharing openly, in order to progress together, the advances, including technological advances, that we can develop in order to be part of a circular economy as soon as possible.


At Andreu World, we have set ourselves the goal of achieving it by 2025 –five years before the 2030 Agenda– and we want to transfer this challenge to the entire global habitat industry.

Young people should be able to design their future 


Our commitment to society is particularly aimed at these young people. Supporting emerging talent through the International Design Contest that we have been organizing annually since 2001. In the last two editions we have focused it on sustainability, with the collaboration of the World Design Organization (WDO). In 2023 it was dedicated to the fight against plastic waste that pollutes the oceans, under the slogan Beyond the plastic wave.


The latest edition of 2024, of course, is aligned with the Circular Design® Challenge, which is now our top priority. With one very important change to ensure that our competition is up to the challenge we face: the prize for the winner this time will be 20,000 euros.









You can find more information about the contest at:


International Design Contest 2024, Circular Design® ChallengeInternational Design Contest 2024, Circular Design® Challenge

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